Marcus Christo, Homoeopath, Salisbury, Warminster and Ringwood

A Visit to the Homoeopath

During a consultation I will ask you a series of questions concerning your past health, illness, operations, symptoms of the disease you are experiencing and your family's health.

It is important you give an accurate picture as to what is going on, to enable me to prescribe you the remedy that is curative.

You may experience the return of old symptoms.  This is called an aggravation and should not last for too long, this is cure taking place.

The length of treatment is difficult to predict as we are all individuals and it does depend upon what condition is being treated and for how long you have been unwell.


What can be treated?

The name of the illness has a small part to play in Homoeopathy as we treat the whole person, looking in detail at the symptoms that you are experiencing.

Homoeopathy works well along side conventional medicine, so I won’t be asking you to stop taking the medication you are taking.